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Business Development & Entrepreneurship Program

Global Media offers a prestigious Business Development and Entrepreneurship Program.

This program focuses on the key skills that is geared towards indiviuals with Majors/Minors/Interests in:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Venture Planning
  • Business Development-Start-ups
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Financial Accounting- Understanding P&L reports
  • Human Resources/ Talent Acquisitions
  • Social Media and Company Branding
  • Leadership and Organization
  • Company Expansion- Market Analysis, Target Market, Economy Research
  • Long-Term contract Acquisitions
  • Self-Improvement- Consistent self-monitoring for career growth and stability
  • SWOT analysis: Used to assess the business’ current environment’s strengths and weaknesses (internal) and opportunities and threats (external). This is a good exercise to go through on an annual basis

Here at Global Media we provide training and real-life experiences for the growth and sustainability of a company; teaching students the foundation of starting and running a successful company. Using our experience of building a viable company from the ground up, students will learn the hard work that goes into Business Development and Entrepreneurship. With an Accreditation rating of A from the Better Business Bureau we embody integrity in all of our work and company brand.

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